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Pro Bono / Low Cost Legal Services

Pro Bono Services

At SEVA we advocate to enable and equip the rights of expatriates who lack sufficient knowledge and are unable to afford an attorney to help them in their removal proceedings while they are detained in immigration centers located in the Inland Empire area. Our volunteer attorneys provide limited pro bono court representation and even full legal representation in some cases to such detainees while they are being confined at the same facility. They fight tirelessly on behalf of Asylum seekers to present their case before an Immigration Judge.

Detained Immigrants

We provide pro bono and, in some cases, low-cost legal services to detained individuals in local areas that do not have access to an attorney for their removal proceedings. We offer legal aid by reviewing their documents, helping them with self-help services, giving them legal advice regarding their immigration matters, and educating them regarding their rights and responsibilities, while their case is pending before an Immigration Judge.

Non-Detained Immigrants

At SEVA, we provide free or low-cost legal services to non-detained low-income individuals regarding their immigration court proceedings. Attorneys at SEVA also advise them regarding their rights and responsibilities in removal proceedings to support them in navigating through the complex immigration system process.

We also provide information regarding other pro-bono resources available to non-detained individuals regarding their eligibility for various immigration benefits. Under our self-help services program, we offer low cost services to assist them with filling out various immigration applications, including but not limited to:

  • DACA initial and renewal applications
  • Green Card Renewal Applications
  • Adjustment of Status based on marriage
  • Citizenship applications
  • Work Permits