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A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Together, We can have an immeasurable impact.

At SEVA we always need and welcome volunteers to perform different tasks. We invite you to take the initiative to become the positive change maker in someone’s life and join our mission of providing equal access to justice for those who cannot afford appropriate legal counsel. Together, we can have an immeasurable impact.


Detained individuals are often compelled to represent themselves in Asylum proceedings whereas the Department of Homeland Security is represented by skilled attorneys. Unrepresented detained immigrants face extreme hardship and tremendous challenges of navigating one of the most complex and constantly changing areas of the immigration system alone and are more than likely to lose their cases despite compelling credibility due to lack of legal representation.

The need for pro bono legal representation in this area of law is needed more than ever and exceeds by far what SEVA and all the other non-profit organizations out there can provide to the local community. At SEVA we always welcome and appreciate Attorneys’ donation of their valuable time and expertise by providing pro bono legal advice, legal representation, and even providing a limited pro bono appearance. Not only does this go towards enhancing your career profile, but you will also experience the unexplainable pleasure of ensuring a person or a whole family can have a safe and bright future because of your efforts.

Law Students

At SEVA we are looking for law students who are passionate about social justice and immigrant rights. Prior experience in immigration law and asylum law is preferred but not necessary. Our interns are preferred to have strong legal research and writing skills. Law Students will learn how to navigate through the immigration court in a detained setting and acquire legal knowledge and experience about Asylum law while serving the community that needs their service more desperately than ever. Besides, this can be a great opportunity for you to build a portfolio that can give you the upper hand when you go on to apply for positions in law firms, and the hands-on experience with the legal system can give you valuable insights for the future.


Our organization is always looking to recruit talented and passionate volunteers to help continue the mission of SEVA. We’re on the lookout for bilingual or multi-lingual volunteers that know languages ranging from Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati, Urdu and Bengali! By offering your time and skills to help those who cannot help themselves, you have the opportunity to give them the only chance of their own and their families' lives to obtain equal access to justice and stay in this country to build a better future for themselves. Aside from the knowledge, experience and growth experienced by volunteering with us, the feeling of fulfillment attainted through contributing towards this cause is unparalleled!


Due to the fact that SEVA does all of its work pro-bono or at low cost, we rely on your donations to fund our effort to fight for those that are struggling against an unjust system. We are dedicated to serving as many detained individuals but occasionally, limited financial resources can obstruct our organization in its efforts to represent every detained individual that is non-represented in their removal proceedings. Your donations help our organization reach out to more individuals who desperately need attorney representation in court. Our organization is charitable as defined in Treas. Reg. 1.501(c)(3)-1(d)(2). All donations made to SEVA are tax exempt. Please contact us via email if you are interested in donating to our organization, and help make a difference in someone’s life and future. You can also create a fund raiser for SEVA for your next birthday! Setting up a fund raiser through social media is incredibly easy. For example, you can set up a gofundme.com page for us! If you could share it throughout your friends and family and help us out with fundraising, it would highly facilitate us in our quest to get justice.